About Us


Diamond People Limited is a privately-owned limited company, established in 1986.

The two directors both used to work at Data Recall Limited in Dorking, Surrey – manufacturers of the Diamond Word and Information Processor – in the early eighties. Based in customer support, they trained, supported and wrote application programs for a large customer base, in later years specifically for public sector users.

Following a take-over of Data Recall by ITL, Diamond People Limited was established in October 1986, initially to support users of the Diamond Word Processor (as ITL were concentrating more on their range of mini computers). With the influx of IBM personal computers and compatibles in the late eighties, many of the existing applications were rewritten for the PC and successfully sold and supported.

The core business is now writing and supporting bespoke application programs, running in a Windows environment, although some users are still running DOS-based systems.


Diamond People have developed numerous applications, including :

  Centralised Advertising
  Equal Opportunities Monitoring
  Staff Immunisation
  Factory Surgery
  Sickness Monitoring
  Debt Collection

  Driver Assessment
  Temporary Staff Register
  Accident Recording
  Day Book Logging
  Recipe Administration
  Stallion Statistics

In addition, Diamond People run computer training courses and operate a desktop publishing bureau, producing books, magazines, newsletters and leaflets etc. on both PC and Apple Macintosh format, with the end result being sent to the printers either on disc or by modem.


Originally based in Hook, Hampshire, the company relocated to its present location in 1990, primarily to enable easier access to the midland motorway network. Existing customer locations range from Edinburgh and Glasgow in the North, Isle of Wight and Brighton in the South, Ipswich and Hull in the East to Truro and Neath in the West.

The Licensing System is currently installed in 45 authorities, the Advertising System in ten authorities, and the Temporary Register System in five authorities. The first systems were installed in May 1994, February 1990 and June 1995 respectively.


Diamond People are committed to caring for their customers, and are always on hand to provide support, whether solving queries over the phone, or writing enhancements and additions to existing systems.

The preferred means of support is by direct modem connection, using terminal emulation software, which allows their programmers to essentially take control of a user’s PC and upload and download files as necessary (employing ‘call-back’ and password measures to ensure strict security). Alternatively, program amendments can be e-mailed to the user, or site visits made, if required.

The only way of confirming Diamond People’s level of support is by talking to existing users, and contact names and numbers can be supplied if required.


 Public Sector

  Private Sector