Licensing Act 2003

We have recently installed a system to cater for the new Act at Telford & Wrekin Council, who have been using the Diamond Licensing System for over five years, and are one of over forty users. The new system, incorporating the 2003 act, will run in conjunction with all of our existing licensing modules.
The new system covers:

  Personal Licence
  Premises Licence
  Club Certificate
  Temporary Activities

As part of the e-Government initiative, applications can be made on line via your website, and imported into our system.

The screen print to the left shows the personal licence application page.

Below is an example of the premises operating schedule and Form M (the supply of alcohol).

Any information to be recorded can be specified by the user.

This example is of the variation to a premises licence - forms N, O & P.

Tailoring can be carried out very quickly, and our systems are installed within a short space of time.



For the four modules to cater for the Licensing Act 2003, the cost to new users will be approximately 3,000.  For existing users of the Diamond Licensing System, the cost will be 2,000 as elements of the software are already installed. In addition there is an annual licence/maintenance fee of 15%, and any data transfer may be charged for, depending on the time taken. Because the system is tailored to the individual's requirements, any major enhancements may be charged extra, but a price will always be agreed in advance. Note that all prices quoted exclude VAT.