Diamond Staff Immunisation System


The Diamond Staff Immunisation System is an optional 'module' from our systems for Occupational Health; the others comprising Incident Recording, Daily Log and Sickness Absence Recording.

This module allows for the entering of immunisation details of members of staff, the new "due date" for the next treatment being calculated automatically. Current immunisations comprise:

  Hepatitis A/B/C
  Varicella Zoster






Example screen and report



although any others that may be required can be provided for.

The system provides the option to produce letters to the person informing them of their Hepatitis B blood test results, and to their GP when a vaccination course is completed, or booster given. It will also produce reminder letters for any designated period of time, and defaulter letters for any person who has not attended an appointment prior to a given date.

Various analyses may be performed and printed, producing reports for the various immunisations, for instance: Hepatitis B results by antibody level, number of courses completed, immunity of a department's staff, etc.


To really appreciate the system, we recommend a no-obligation demonstration at your offices. For more details, contact Mick Warren on 01885 490 480 or e-mail him at: mick@diamondpeople.co.uk