Diamond Central Advertising System



The Diamond Central Advertising System (CAMS) is designed to operate in a central department which receives requests for advertisement placements from the rest of the council (and external organisations, if required). The system allows you to manage both recruitment and non-recruitment advertising. Its easy-to-use menus allow you to record media, client and advertisement details; it automatically forms composite advertisements where applicable; it calculates costs, apportioning them by size of advert; and it produces whatever detailed analyses the user requires.

Typically, the system works as follows:

  A request is received, and details are entered.

  Acknowledgement is produced to originating client.

  Relevant adverts are combined together automatically to form composite ads.

  Orders are produced to the media.

  Costs are automatically apportioned to individual clients according to size of original advertisement.

  Analyses are produced, listing by media, client, outstanding invoices, split of discounts/ income received, or any criteria.

  Numbers of enquiries, applicants, interviewees and starters can be entered against advert details, and a response analysis report produced.

  The system will also allow for entry of 'equal opportunities' information and can produce statistics by ethnic background, disability, etc.

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To really appreciate the system, we recommend a no-obligation demonstration at your offices. For more details, contact Mick Warren on 01885 490 480 or e-mail him at: mick@diamondpeople.co.uk