Diamond Temporary Register System


The Diamond Temporary Register System allows a central department within an authority to record details of people who are willing to work in temporary posts within the council, and will match their skills and availability etc. with requests for staff from departments.

The system will produce various contract documents and allow you to record timesheet details from which it will calculate leave and income information. Various reports can be produced, listing, all temporary placements expiring at the end of the week. Because the system is tailored to the individual user's requirements it can produce any sort of analyses or statistics that may be required.


Typically, the system works as follows:

  Temporary staff details are recorded.

  Employer and character referees are contacted.

  Placement details are entered and skills match produced listing suitable available temps.

  Contract for temp produced.

  Feedback and evaluation forms produced.

  Timesheet details entered.

  Calculation of leave and income.

  Analyses produced, listing placement statistics, analysis by area, work, skill, leave etc.

  Production of standard and non-standard letters.

  Archiving of 'student' temps whilst at college, and retrieval of data on return.

Example screen and reports




To really appreciate the system, we recommend a no-obligation demonstration at your offices. For more details, contact Mick Warren on 01885 490 480 or e-mail him at: mick@diamondpeople.co.uk